Saturday, June 23, 2018

Family Life

Parenting Tips For The Holidays

Children spend impressively large part of each year within the school environments. One might now ask, is it still advisable to engage them in academic activities during holidays? The answer is yes! However, a balance must be sought. Academic efforts during holidays, should be aimed at enhancing all the child has learnt while the term […]

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Potter's House

Understanding The Essence Of Easter

Easter celebration is an event celebrated by Christians across the globe but only a few truly understand it’s essence. Jesus Christ is the focus of all Christian celebrations. Hence, the essence of Easter is deeply rooted in His birth, death, burial, resurrection, ascension and second coming (the rapture). Let’s closely take a look. #1 Jesus […]

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Salary vs Potentials

In one of my previous posts titled “CREDENTIALS VS POTENTIALS” I encouraged graduates, students, on the need to develop and invest on their potentials (skills). This post is directed at salary earners. I visited one of the banks I bank with sometime in 2016. I proceeded to the customer service desk. I was greeted warmly. […]

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Community Service

Social Media Security – How to Ward Off Hackers

Protecting your social media accounts has become critical in an era where hacking appears to be in vogue. Because of the multi-purpose aspect of social media platforms, they become valuable tools that the average person spends approximately 116 minutes on every day, according to a recent study. Imagine if someone gained access to your account? […]

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Finding a Bae (Review) Part 2

Series 3 Should you find yourself in a hurtful situation, as much as possible try not to allow it deprive you of meeting the needs of those who genuinely love and care about you. Minimize how negative situations affect your relationship with those who truly matter to you. Learn not to transfer aggression. Whatever negative […]

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Poems & Quotes

Dream Again, Paint Again

Stirring into the nothingness that surrounds me I see all that would have been The grasses that would have been greener So bright, the skies would have been What’s more to see? I stepped out to search I came back with so much nothing I knocked in all earnestness The door banged back at me […]

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