Family & Parenting

Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children

The pattern or type of indiscipline children exhibit could be closely linked with the parenting style of their parents. Issues such as peer pressures and exposure to several vices could…

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Potter’s House

Rest In The Midst Of The Storm

The past couple of months have been so tasking and hectic. Having spent time in the previous year on some academic research, I took some time off. After a while,…

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Life & Inspiration

4 Things to Look Out For in Finding a Mentor

Life is about perspectives. You have those you look up to (mentors, coach) and you have those who look up to you. This brings about balance. As the bible rightly…

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Community Service

One Year Anniversary Of Blogging

Hey friends! There are moments we’re faced with doubts and fears in our quest to do something we are passionate about. Starting a blog was one for me. Having gained…

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Love & Relationship

Marriage and Family: Facilitating The Integration

When was the last time you called your siblings’ spouse to check up on them? Mine was days ago. You may want to know why I started off on that…

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Gone With The Wind

Joy unspeakable heralded my birth Beauty beyond the eyes has ever known, I left men in awe Wrapped in fine linen I was christened Chants of glory filled the air…

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