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6 Ways Parents Can Support Their Children’s Dreams

Successful parents support their children in the pursuit of their dreams. My assertion is inspired by Coco Gauff’s victory over Naomi Osaka in the ongoing Australian Open. The American teenager (15 years) stunned defending champion Naomi Osaka in straight sets to reach the fourth round of the tournament. Naomi Osaka is the current holder of the Australian Open.

Coco Gauff’s victory made her the youngest player to beat a top-five opponent in a women’s tour-level match. The last person to do this was Jennifer Capriati in 1991. There are lessons to learn from her gradual rise in the female lawn tennis vocation, especially for parents.

The lesson here is that of supporting their children/wards early enough in the pursuit of their DREAMS. How best can you as a parent support your children’s dreams?

Provide guidance

Everyone is good at something and it’s only a matter of time when your child will show what they’re interested in. One way you can help them discover their potential is to try different things and observe which skills seem to be predominant. Maybe your child is gifted in problem-solving, skilled in a sport or music. Your job is to provide guidance and let them know how they can realize their dreams. Identify the dream, do some research and set a realistic date for achieving that goal. After that, take all the necessary steps to make it happen through focus, intensity, and perseverance.

Provide proper education

Whatever their choice of activity, give your child every chance by providing whatever educational opportunities there are. Employ a piano teacher, a football coach, enrol them in a literary society are examples of how parents can provide the right education for the dream.

Don’t discourage them

Too many parents are quick to discourage their children from pursuing their dreams. They do so because their ambitions do not fall into the mainstream of what is considered normal. Whatever dreams they share with you, don’t tell them it’s not possible or they are not good enough to become what they dream of. Support and endorse their dreams, even if you don’t fully understand.

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Nurture optimism

Pressure comes with goals, and more often than not, children feel as though they’ve failed their parents when they do less than useful. But you must demonstrate to your children that sometimes it’s all right to make a mistake. Nurturing young minds means cultivating hope. Also, raising children with “can-do” mind-set requires persistence, positivity and faith in the talents of your children. We are all short of each other, and learning how to cope with and learn from these painful moments is a precious quality in life that goes beyond your children’s academic achievements.

Set an example for them

Successful parents set the right example. In this case, be honest about what you thought you would become as a child, and talk about why it didn’t happen, or perhaps did it. This discourse could even motivate that to come back to life.

Help them know God

I believe this ranks highest as a person of faith. Provide your children with the environment and example that we are, first and foremost, grounded in the desires and plans of God for us. Help your children find the talents and gifts that God has provided and guide them to use it in the right way.

Supporting your children’s dreams is an important step in raising successful and confident individuals. Guide their vision and harness their passion. Don’t be the parent who stands in the way of your children’s greatness.

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