Irenonsen Uddin

Inspiration for a Balanced & Successful Life

My name is Irenonsen Uddin. I am a blogger, writer and an aspiring author. My lifelong commitment is helping people live a balanced and successful life in their personal and social interactions. Blogging and writing is one way I seek to achieve this and make a larger impact.

Four Steps for Fostering Self-Reliance

In February, I began a series tagged ‘Today’s Digest’ across my social media platforms. My

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Self Confidence: Ways to Increase It

There is often a strong correlation between self confidence and occupational success. The problem is

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The Importance of Self-Reliance

A week ago, I promised to make a follow-up post on the importance of self-reliance.

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What self reliance means: my reality

I love the good life. Acquiring degrees was one way I thought would lead me

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6 Ways Parents Can Support Their Children’s Dreams

Successful parents support their children in the pursuit of their dreams. My assertion is inspired

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4 Things to Look Out For in Finding a Mentor

Life is about perspectives. You have those you look up to (mentors, coach) and you

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Benefits of Imbibing Good Manners

In the month of January, a friend reached out to me. His Facebook account was

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One Year Anniversary Of Blogging

Hey friends! There are moments we’re faced with doubts and fears in our quest to

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Rest In The Midst Of The Storm

The past couple of months have been so tasking and hectic. Having spent time in

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