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Behind the Badge: Examining 6 Categories of Police Officers

Driving is one thing I like to do. For the records I am called PILOT 1 in some quarters. This has seen me tour several Nigerian states especially in the south. Each journey has its beauty and memories. Some pleasant and unpleasant encounters as well. I am glad I have never encountered robbers.

On federal or state roads you get to see a lot of checkpoints mounted by security/law enforcement agencies (military, police, customs, civil defence and the federal road safety). With intentions to curb criminal activities and enforce laws to put citizens in check.

This post was inspired by my encounter with police officers. These officers have their peculiar characteristics which this post intends to shed light on.

Courage is the absence of fear. Some officers are a clear representation of this. They approach every matter with boldness and confidence. Every encounter with them in some checkpoints give you an assurance that no ill will befall you on that route because they have the requisite countenance to confront any upheaval.

Well-dressed in this sense goes beyond a perfectly fit uniform it covers kit and equipment needed to carryout assigned responsibilities. Some officers in this class have all it takes to combat any class of criminal activity on the road. Coupled with their bravery, they treat all citizens with same interest and clear sense of duty.

Those in this class pay attention to every detail. I remember an officer requested I wake a sleeping passenger beside me in one of my trips and carefully took time to ask if all was well. On one occasion, I met a team of officers who politely informed me they were going to do a routine check on the vehicle and its passengers. These team of officers checked all they needed to check before they let us go. Truth be told, they had no ulterior motives.

Phew! Pray never to meet these set of officers on the road. These guys request for your vehicle papers but the more they look, the less they see. Every question they ask show how ignorant and unlearned they are. Permit me to say, these folks are an express show of how corruption has crept into the process of enlisting officers. Like their ignorance is not enough, they derive joy and pleasure to unduly delay vehicles with an endgame to extort them.

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Roger! Roger!! How journey? Anything for the boys? Settle us make you go? Where is the receipt of your laptop? Passengers make una no vex ooo, una driver no wan cooperate. These statements are common with these set of officers. They are shame and disgrace personified. They are a can of worms and could be so contentious. Some team of the #FSARS or #SARS fall in this category. Irrespective of how coordinated the driver or passengers are, it concerns them less. Their sole aim is to extort and this they do with high level of irrationality and imperiousness.

Not forgetting to add that some officers under this class operate “microfinance banks” on the road. I remember a driver asking a passenger he owed some balance to relax that as soon as he gets to a police checkpoint, he will request an officer split his high denomination currencies for him. I waited eagerly to see how true. To my incredulity, the officer obliged as I watched in awe.

These guys sleep on duty. They mount a road block to fulfil all righteousness. Once they sense any danger on the road, they flee and run for their lives only to return gallivanting when the crisis is over. Some who fall in this class are overweight, have pot bellies, bigtime gluttons as you could see them drinking beer and eating food rations beyond normal portions while on duty.

Lend a voice to this by dropping your thoughts on the comment section. Kindly share your experience with officers while traveling as well.


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