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Benefits of Imbibing Good Manners

In the month of January, a friend reached out to me. His Facebook account was hacked. Personal efforts to retrieve the account failed because some security features were not activated at the time. For this, the hacker had it easy. So, I say, it is important to take proper measures to secure your social media account.

Days after the hack, I went inbox to chat with the hacker. He initially ignored replying my messages but read them. I did not give up! Some days later, his response was “I will release the account to you.” I thanked him but to my surprise he said “No! Don’t thank me. I just like your approach. Some other people will just be laying curses. You seem cool”.

Friends, he sent a password to me moments later. I logged on and took full control of the account and made efforts to make the account more secure. My friend has since taken hold of the account. Soft answer indeed turns away wrath (Prov. 15:1).

“The test of good manners is to be patient with the bad ones.”
Solomon Ibn Gabirol

The benefits of imbibing good manners cannot be overemphasized. Manners are basically a reflection of one’s character. They are a type of non-verbal communication with the surroundings we are dealing with. Every surrounding demands a different set of manners and it is very important to deal with it accordingly. Manners are the way we behave with people. It is specifically the behaviour that is socially acceptable and right.

A number of factors may be responsible for failure of some persons to imbibe good manners. It could be failures in the home front, wrong association etc. Nonetheless, when people come to realize the power of practicing good manners and treating others in respectful ways, then they can gain an important social advantage over so many situations.

What then are some of the benefits of imbibing good manners?

1. Divine Help

In all of life’s endeavour, we need help. Greatest of all is the help from God. Man can help you but with several limitations [2 Kings 6:25-27]. With God, nothing shall be impossible [Luke 1:37]. An in-depth study of the Bible reveal how many received divine help because of good manners. Foremost of them was Abraham [Gen. 18:1-10]. He took out time to attend to three men. Unknown to him, they were angels. That kind gesture lead to answers to his long awaited prayer of having a child.

2. Preservation of Life

Good manners can help avert danger and bring you to safety. The land of Sodom and Gomorrah was up for destruction. When the angels arrived unknown to Lot, he received them and took care of them [Gen. 19: 1-22]. For this noble act, the angels made sure he found safety before setting the land ablaze. Furthermore, Abigail a woman of good understanding used her good manners to prevent king David from killing her husband [2 Sam. 25:23-35].

3. Excellence and Distinction

David found favour in the sight of King Saul for having good manners [1 Sam. 18: 5, 14, 15, 30]. Later on, David’s testimony was that anyone diligent in his approach to life matters will stand before kings not mean men [Prov. 22: 24-29]. The three Hebrew boys for exercising restraint on what to eat, stood out in the entire land of Babylon where they were on exile [Dan. 1:20].

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4. Leadership

Good manners are considered in assigning leadership role and responsibilities. A time came when the number of the disciples of Jesus Christ were multiplied, there arose a murmuring because there was some neglect from those who administered help to the congregation. To avert this crisis, leaders were chosen. Specifically, they sought men of honest report… [Acts 6:1-3]. Much of the problem we have in our homes and several countries across the globe can be attributed to bad leadership. Leaders with good manners will handle their duties appropriately. Hence we must learn to elect or vote for leaders with honest report to hold office in our countries. This alone will guarantee some meaning change and development.

5. Strong Family Bond

To have a closely knit family is a big blessing. Imbibing good manners help in the development of trust, love and respect among family members. Parents are to set precedence in this regard so at to enable their children imbibe it through observation and carefully thought out process. If as a parent you are polite to your children and consistent in following proper manner guidelines, they are much more likely to do same [Eph. 6:4].

6. Friendship and Relationship

Having good manners show that you respect the person you are interacting with [Prov. 18:24]. It will help you provide a positive image of yourself to the world. Your manners are the first thing a person would consider while judging you, because it is what sets your first impression. The people you connect with everyday can be pleased with how you treat them. This quality of treating people right can come to your aid in every circumstance. It can help you while socializing with different types of people. You can easily make new friends and win their trust.

7. Sound Customer Base

Being kind to customers, increase sales. Show your customers your good manners by speaking to them politely and giving them an opportunity to express their needs, and you are more likely to earn their future business.

Remembering the significance and advantages of good habits, you ought to dependably endeavour to teach these in your everyday life. By method for this, you would profit yourself as well as contribute towards an increasingly adjusted and modern culture. Above all that it is your ethical obligation to treat everybody right.

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