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Credentials vs Potentials

In several establishments in Nigeria, staff recruitment is done with emphasis placed on paper qualification (credentials). Most firms push this to a point those with less qualifications feel so inferior. Like this huddle is not enough, some firms add age limit and working experience that bit one’s imagination.

No doubt, it is good to study in the university and aim to graduate with a first class or second-class lower at least. Sad to note, this is not always the case. This has given rise to high level of corruption in the university system as students with poor grades seek to upgrade for the greater good.

A good number of students for the sake of getting a “certificate” neglect developing their potentials (skills). Mind you, most prominent names we hear in Nigeria and the world over gained public attention not for their credentials, but their potentials.

Beyond the sad reality in the country today on paper qualifications, firms have started shifting their focus to recruiting men/women with potentials (skills) to achieve their mission, goals and objectives. The question is, what do you have to offer? How can you help us do all we have been doing differently? Creativity is sort after.

Credentials can lay a foundation for you to express your potentials. Which means, you can have a third class or pass yet come to limelight by engaging your potentials. While the experience obtained within the four-walls of the university help you to package, deliver on your potentials in class and style.

Have you found your potential(s)? If yes, what have you done to develop them? If truly you are engaging your potentials, is your level of expression satisfactory? What can you do to make it bigger and better?

Maybe you haven’t identified any potential, what are your reasons? Let me help you a bit by asking the following questions. They are in-exhaustive but could help stimulate your thoughts.

What are you good at? What is it you love doing best with ease that is passion driven? Do you know how to style hair? How about confectionaries, catering, decorations and fashion design? Bead making? If you are good at engaging an audience, have you considered been a master of ceremony? If you love to dance, have you considered been a dance instructor? You stay on social media liking and commenting on various pages and your comments are greeted with several likes so have you considered blogging or using your social media platforms to sell a brand? You love to sing, how about using vevo to make some short musical videos and post on your YouTube channel or organizing a band? You are good at playing instrument, how about coaching those interested for a token.

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No one is created without potentials the narrative in the book of Luke 19:12-21 shed more light on this. A look inward is the first step to discovering your potentials.

You might echo; Rey I don’t have the needed capital to start. While most people seek excuses and blame it on lack of capital for letting their potentials fallow, it is not always the case. Most big businesses started small. The likes of Globacom, Coscharis etc. so you can start small. But maintain focus to reinvest the “little profit”. Consistency in doing this is key to expansion.

In the past months, I’ve had need to patronise youths who have chosen to take their destinies in their hands by maximizing their potentials irrespective of their educational advancement. Some started with a printer and a laptop today they own business centres with gigantic machines to print and photocopy all sorts. Some from making and selling peanuts within a location have progressed to secure contracts with big time retail stores. Some sell neatly packaged beans puddy (moi moi), their products are highly sought after. Time will fail me to tell of those making earnings from sales of various artworks, refined local drinks, and pop-corn. While others focus on reading, editing and guiding students through their theses writing. The list is endless.

I write this piece this morning to encourage many graduates out there in search of what to do. Don’t say you don’t have anyone. You have something and that is your skill. Trade it! Elisha asked a woman a question in the book of 2 Kings 4:2 “…What has thou in the house?”

To most university students this is a wakeup call for you. The earlier you start trading your skills the better because there is no better place to build a network of skill partners and expand with time other than the campus environment.

There is more to say but acting on the few points above can be a spring board to world of limitless possibilities.

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