Irenonsen Uddin

Inspiration for a Balanced & Successful Life
Dream Again, Paint Again

Stirring into the nothingness that surrounds me
I see all that would have been
The grasses that would have been greener
So bright, the skies would have been
What’s more to see?

I stepped out to search
I came back with so much nothing
I knocked in all earnestness
The door banged back at me in a deafening silence
Where is the dream?
Where is the picture?

The dream is a mirage
The picture, a canvas
I reached out to hug
Alas! My arms twined around my frame
In the split second, I stole to wipe my eyes
And see what would have been
It vanished like the morning dew

I see a ray of hope
Beaming with beauty
I see colours of Acrylic
Brightly arrayed in their splendour
Eager to adorn my canvass

Will I dream again?
I will dream again though my name is not Joseph
Will I paint again?
Yes! A thousand times more
For out of this nothing, shall come a beautiful thing

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