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Elo: The Missing 4-Year-Old Girl Found

When folks say “who social media help?” Elo’s parents (Afokoghene Ogidi) will be the first to stand up among others.

Elo, a beautiful 4-year-old baby girl was declared missing on the 8th of July, 2018 as she was picked up by an unidentified person at the children’s department of her parents’ church on Sunday morning.

Since the sad event, efforts and wide search to find her didn’t yield much until 24th of August, 2018 when she was found at an orphanage in Benin City.

According to her parents account, “Suddenly we received a message from a woman who spotted the resemblance of the child to the pictures which had been going across social media. She sent a picture inquiring if that was our daughter and that she saw Elo in an orphanage in Benin. She gave the name of the orphanage and the address. So immediately, we called the church security head in Lagos and gave him all the details as the lady gave us. He said we should give him an hour and he called his colleagues in Benin. They immediately rounded off the place and lo found Elo in the said place. Of course we got on the plane and headed straight for our security head’s office. There we made a video call to Benin where the commissioner of police put Elo on the call. Elo screamed in ecstacy when she saw her parents and her older sister Treasure… she identified all of them while jumping happily and immediately retorted “daddy they barbed my hair.” Praise God she’s found.

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Elo is in safe custody of the police but will be reunited with her family today 25th August, 2018.

ELO’s BIRTHDAY IS IN FEW DAYS TIME. 29th of August. This is certainly a major miracle that God has done.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to repost, share and spread the news about Elo since her disappearance.

Social media has all it takes to save life, use it wisely.

See the video below on how Elo’s family received the news.


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