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Face Your Fears, Apply Break

I once lived in a neighbourhood where dogs thrived. Of special reference was a dog named Bingo. The dog was hostile to neighbours, strangers and did not spare cars/bikes that crossed its part but pursued them endlessly.

As days went by, the fear of Bingo was felt in the neighbourhood. Little children hardly used playgrounds for fear of the unknown. Adults treaded with caution. Its owner cared less.

On a bright afternoon, a car drove across the street as usual Bingo let loose in pursuit. The driver accelerated faster but Bingo didn’t give up. All of a sudden, the car applied breaks followed by a hard collision. Boom! Bingo screamed and barked endlessly in pains. That was it! Bingo never embarrassed anyone again. That episode humbled Bingo.

In life, there are so many things that could cause you to fear. Suffice to say the oppression will continue, until you apply breaks. Applying breaks here would mean face your fears.

 “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

As we go through life, we see a lot of (wo)men who were confronted by several unpleasant situations and circumstances. They had every reason to quit but never did. They boldly faced their fears and victory came. Their victories put them on the spotlight always.

In my little life, I’ve been through tough times that made me almost quit. I hanged on in spite of the prevailing circumstances and victory came for me. I almost quit launching this blog. Letting go of my fears brought it to limelight.

What are you scared off? Why are you scared of it? Irrespective of your fears, have this confidence that you will overcome.

My strength to face my fears most times, come from lessons drawn from some great (wo)men in the bible on how they conquered their fears. Their approach teaches me not to trust in my strength or those of other men (Jer.17:5; Ps. 118:8-9). Their gaze was on the Almighty God (Ps. 34:4-5). Let’s see some specific examples.

#1 Esther – This beautiful woman cum queen faced her fears defying all odds. In the end victory came (Esther 4:16; 5:1-3). She engaged herself in fasting and prayers and commanded all her subjects to do same. Fasting and prayer are tools we can’t downplay as we walk the earth. Fasting and prayer helps our spirit man come alive and stay sensitive to receive clear-cut instructions from God on how to face our fears.

#2 David – This young man had the boldness to face goliath and freed an entire nation from oppression (1 Sam. 17:32-37, 45-51). His boldness had its foundation on the testimonies of God’s faithfulness to him in times past. His testimonies of faith and trust in the one true God, paid off. We lack courage to face our fears when we lose sight of God’s faithfulness in times past. In like manner, I have learnt to recount God’s faithfulness to me in times past. The strength that comes to me when I do this, is immeasurable.

#3 Daniel and Friends – These guys amaze me a lot. The first step they took towards facing their fears was to stay away from anything corrupt (Dan. 1:8). This made them stand out among their contemporaries (Dan. 1:19-20). Further, they were bold to declare what their convictions were for all to see (Dan. 3:16-18). Cowardice was not in them. Learn to speak boldly in the face of adversity. Staying away from anything corrupt gives you a voice in times of adversity.

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#4 The wife of a son of the prophets – Faced with the fears of losing her two sons, she sought help from the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 4:1-7). The well received and applied counsel helped her to face her fears. In some moments of great fear, it is wisdom to seek help and counsel from our pastors, church leaders and mentors. Considering the role God has placed them to function, they help us with counsels and prayers that could help us overcome. However, every genuine believer must strive to grow to a point where he or she can confront oppositions with little or no help from these leaders (Matt. 17:16-18). Is this possible? YES!

#5 Mary­ – A virgin blessed beyond measure. She obtained an unusual favour from God to birth the saviour of mankind, Jesus Christ (Luke 1:28). She was troubled when she received the news of what heaven had planned to achieve through her. The big question was “… how can this be…?” Her fears were dowsed. Likewise, her confession after the angel spoke. Learn to hear from God and believe his promises. It may tarry but learn to wait for it (Hab. 2:3-4).

#6 Paul and Silas – These genuine men of God paid less attention to the problems they had at hand. Irrespective of their bonds, they prayed and sang unto God (Acts 16:25). Conditioning yourself in line with your adversary’s expectation could mean you are foolish. They did the extraordinary and got a result that was huge/unusual. Learn to defy all odds and praise God in moments of opposition. All the enemy target is your joy (John 10:10a) but God has a well thought out plan of joy and peace for you (Jer. 29:11; John 10:10b). Knowing this should make you smile at the storm.

I could go on and on to cite more examples. One thing is evident, that these (wo)men mentioned had their hopes only in God and he helped them face their fears to obtain a good report. You could as well learn from their approach like I have and apply it to that seeming opposition you are faced with. I assure you without doubt that the result will be so amazing.

As I bring this piece to a close, boldly make this declaration with me:

I refuse to fear. I choose to conquer. I am shielded from harm. No more torments. My crying days are over. With Jesus in my boat I smile at the storm (Call it by name). You came with the intention to ruin me but I am coming out strong. My strength is renewed in God because I wait on Him. Hallelujah!!!

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3 thoughts on “Face Your Fears, Apply Break

  1. facing your fears… especially when you have a lot of people to prove wrong. People who laugh at your weakness.
    Nice 👍

    • Thank you Chioma. I get your perspective. Learning to face our fears and succeed at what we do irrespective of the people opposing us is quite important. Your comment is deeply appeciated.

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