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Finding a Bae Series 1

Wooing a lady requires wisdom, patience and tactics.

It can be fun to be baeless. Nonetheless, there are times one might see the need not to remain baeless. *smiles*

In this series, I will be sharing some of my experience while seeking a bae with the hope of helping brothers and sisters alike on areas to be charry of. This series will be in 5 parts with reviews following afterwards. So join me in this, as it promises to be exciting.

I met this beautiful lady while serving as a corp member during the one-year mandatory national service for young graduates of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Each time I saw her, I kept seeing the picture of the garden of Eden before Papa (Adam) and Mama (Eve) ate an apple. Is it apple? I think it’s fruit though.

I felt so bright loving her and couldn’t help but nurse the idea of getting married to her. I yearned to see her at every given opportunity. Overtime, we became close with our friendship well defined and established.

At a point, I made up my mind to make a formal request to her to be my wife but could not. I wasn’t bold to declare my intentions at the time for a number of reasons. When I finally made up my mind to, service year was over while both of us relocated to different parts of the country.

As time went by, I called the sister on a said day to let her know my intentions. Guess what? She was already in relationship.

She asked me in all sincerity. Why didn’t you say this while we were together? Why now? I am sorry.

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I could not stomach her response. I was in shock. She posited over the phone. Rey are you still there? Rey? Rey? The name calling poured some cold water on my heart then I responded, Yes! Yes!!

I summed up courage to ask, when did this happen? Just last week. I have consented to his proposal. I don’t think there is anything I can do. I opened my mouth wide with my eyes bulging.

That’s how I couldn’t make her a bae.


What do you think was my challenge?

How best would I have faced my fears while we were together during service year?

Let your voice be heard. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.


This series is to help guys who are genuinely interested in seeking a meaningful relationship with a lady with the view of getting married to her. Not some “small immature mind man” who sees a lady as a piece of toy that should be played with.

This series was first posted on my Facebook wall November, 2017 and gathered several comments from my friends and followers on Facebook. It was a wonderful timeout while it lasted. I’m glad you have an opportunity to share the moments we had.

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