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Finding a Bae Series 2

I took time to reorganise myself after that experience in Series 1. Then I met “sister J”.

She was a beauty to behold. Focused, well educated, knows what she wants and how to go about it. She was caring, nice and God-fearing. Trust me, I got a little closer. Tried to know more about her. It was an exhilarating experience.

Truth be told, all you think you know about a lady from casual acquaintance change a whole lot when you really get involved in her life. Get involved like trying to know her person and what she is disposed to.

For once, I felt like I had it all together when I met sister J.

Since sister J was a very spiritual person, I thought the best way to win her heart was by focusing on all that will make her stay spiritual among other things. Honestly, I did all I could to strike a balance.

Each time I called, after asking “basic” questions which focused on her general welfare, family and sometimes friends, I made a quick switch to spiritual matters. She liked me for it.

It later turned out that, I was like an evangelism unit member doing following up of a new convert instead of focusing on my initial reason for coming close to her among other things.

In the long run, I felt content that I will not be a hindrance to her spiritual life at worse.

There was this day I told myself, wetin dey do you guy? Man up, nail this matter for once na.

So, I saddled my ass to deliver my manifesto but that was not going to be until I pray and fast.

I started a personal fasting and prayer programme. My initial plan was for 7 days but I ended up doing 40 days fasting and prayers with 10 of those days dry but 6am – 6pm for the other 30 days. Love cost “sontin ooooo”. My major focus was for Sister J to say YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

On the last day of my prayer and fasting I met with her in her chosen location. I had to keep it simple. There was no time to beat about the bush. The following discussion ensued:

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Me: I like your person. I’d love us to have a relationship that would culminate in marriage

Sister J: Really?

Me: {Cheerfully} Yes.

Sister J: You know when you were getting particular about me, spending time, calling and sometimes get me gifts I knew something was fishy.

Me: I smiled and asked, what’s it going to be?

Sister J: Give me some time to pray and think about it.

Me: Like how long?

Sister J: Not certain

Me: It’s all good. But kindly let me know you’d take soonest.

Sister J: Alright

One month… No response

Two months… No response

These waiting days were one of the most critical times in my Sister J experience.

Suddenly! Some body say suddenly… Lol

I woke up to a text message on the climax of the third month of waiting which read (paraphrased):

Rey Dearie, …  To be continued in Series 3.


Let your voice be heard in the comment section by sharing your thoughts, as well as answer this series questions.

What do you think was Sister J’s response to my manifesto?

Do you think I did better than I was in series 1?

What did I do in this series that you like/hate?


This series is to help guys who are genuinely interested in seeking a meaningful relationship with a lady with the view of getting married to her. Not some “small immature mind man” who sees a lady as a piece of toy that should be played with.

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