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Finding a Bae (Review) Part 2

Series 3
Should you find yourself in a hurtful situation, as much as possible try not to allow it deprive you of meeting the needs of those who genuinely love and care about you. Minimize how negative situations affect your relationship with those who truly matter to you. Learn not to transfer aggression.

Whatever negative circumstance you find yourself, know that you’re not alone in it. There are some other persons going through same. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, seek ways to help those in your shoes as well. For me, praying for those who were experiencing all forms of emotional challenge as me at the time, helped me move on rather fast.

“Turn that negative situation to your advantage.” – Ugochukwu Anigbogu

“What’s ahead of you is greater than what’s behind you.” – Udochukwu Obiora

“Know when a sister is into you. She may like the idea of you, but not able to handle the manifestations.” – Emeka Daniel

“Good guys may appear strong, but with hearts too feeble to handle a heartbreak.” – Daniel Uchenna

Series 4
Family and friends shouldn’t put pressure on anyone to start a relationship when they don’t feel ready. Nonetheless, helping an individual to see the need for a relationship may not be out of place, if the idea is borne out of genuine concern and love, but without prejudice.

Time heal all wounds. However, it is wisdom not to begin a relationship with the intention of using it to taunt a sister who turned down your manifesto or seek to use the new found love to heal the wounds from past relationships.

“Life is too short to live each day twice.”

Treat every newly found love independent of past relationships and hurts. Having a preconceived idea about a sister because of past experiences could be risky. Know her anew and open your heart to do so.

“Love is about trusting, not testing.”

In relating with a sister/brother you have a leading to settle with for a relationship with the end being to get married, live no stone unturned neither give room for assumptions, because assumptions are the smallest form of knowledge but can be costly.

Start from the scratch like you’ve not known her all your life. Take one step at a time. Gradually seek to build a force that cannot be reckoned with. Establish an unbreakable bond in wisdom. You both should build a very strong support system.

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Feel so secured loving your mate. Avoid trying to impress each other for the wrong reasons. Accept yourselves with no prejudice. Be sure to define how you want to be perceived right from the outset.

As a brother, when you feel so secured and sure about the feelings you’ve both developed, take the relationship to the next level (marriage proposal) without undue delay.

“Hanging around a sister for so long without making any move when you’re actually interested, is a tricky one.” – Nmah Onwuka

“For a brother seeking for a relationship that will climax in marriage, what you wouldn’t want is, to be ‘friend-zoned’.” – Nmah Onwuka

Series 5
Whatever the answer to your proposal is, stay cheerful and focused. Never for once feel disappointed by a sister’s negative response irrespective of all your expectations. Learn the lessons you can and move on.

“Not every close friendship should be explored emotionally. Once the line is crossed, things might never be the same if all didn’t go well. The wisdom in this, is to know your set boundaries in every friendship and enjoy all the benefits thereof devoid of any emotional attachment.” – Emeka Daniel

Finding/accepting ‘your #BAE’ is the single most important journey/decision a brother/sister will ever make on earth (that’s after accepting the lordship of Christ). Your happiness, emotional wellness/spiritual wellbeing and longevity will depend on this singular decision. The process can never be over-emphasized.

“Missed opportunities could hurt you for the rest of your life.” – Emeka Daniel

“Marry your kind!” – Emeka Daniel

As a brother, be bold, be brave, you might get a YES or a NO. Life has its twist and turns but all leading to a perfect end. As the Bible puts it; better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit (Ecclesiastes 7:8 – KJV).

End of Review!!!


Thanks to everyone who made this series a huge success. God bless you ladies and gents in your quest to accept or find a bae.

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