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Finding a Bae Series 3

Rey dearie, I appreciate your genuine interest in me but THE LORD IS NOT LEADING ME TO YOU!!!

Say what? My eyes and heart popped out like is the case in Tom & Jerry.

All is well! All is well!! All is well!!! Was all I could tell myself [Remember the movie 3 Idiots]

At the time the reply came via SMS, I was home visiting my parents. My Dad knocked at my room door;

Dad: Son, wake up it is time for morning devotion.

Me: Morning devo what? (Very quietly)

My heart was palpitating…

I sha went…

I got to the living room…

Mum: How was your night?

Me: No response (Lost in thought)

Mum: Omon, how was your night?

Me: Fine!!

Dad: (Beaming with smiles) You’ve been away for a while, so coordinate the morning devotion.

Me: (If only you guys know how it is doing me now? Hmmmm) I coordinated the devotion. Funny enough there was an unusual unction on me that morning. I did scripture exposition and prayers in a new dimension.

Did I just hear somebody say before nkor?

Somebody: Wetin you expect before?

Me: Ehen… Tell me sontin

Somebody: After 40 days of fasting and prayers to get a yes from Sister J, na family you no go fit kon lead prayers?

Me: Lol… I haff ear you

After the devotion, I reached out to Sister J and asked her the rationale for the NO? She barely said something satisfying. I kept tabs on her to know what her reasons were to no avail.

For a week or two, I kept giving myself false hope, like she may change her mind. After which I embraced my reality and moved on.

For the next couple of weeks Whitney Houston’s song titled “I Look To You” became my companion.

I kept praying and trusting God knowing that this phase will sure come to pass. But this time, my prayer focus was more for those going through rejection, heartbreak, heart collapse, heart restructuring and construction.

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Furthermore, I kept praying for women/men suffering in their marriage or relationships for some reasons best known to them. I became an intercessor. Honestly, there are situations you personally experience that will make you not to judge or condemn anyone. Sister J’s experience thought me to be strong first for myself, and people going through tough times.

For once, I was meaningfully channelling my energy into praying aright, not for some selfish interest of getting a Yes that was a No from the beginning.

Friends, may you not labour for a Yes that is a No from the beginning.

Like the saying goes, time heals all wounds. I agree, but the scars remain.

As time went by, I met SISTER SUNSHINE (To be continued in Series 4)


Let your voice be heard in the comment section by sharing your thoughts, as well as answer this series questions.

Do you think I handled Sister J’s response well?

What did I do in this series that you like/hate?

What are you preconceived thoughts about SISTER SUNSHINE?


This series is to help guys who are genuinely interested in seeking a meaningful relationship with a lady with the view of getting married to her. Not some “small immature mind man” who sees a lady as a piece of toy that should be played with.

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