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Finding a Bae Series 4

Some family friends kept asking me combination therapy questions like they wanted to treat malaria inside my heart.

You came visiting? You’re a grown man now? When are you inviting us na?

Me: Invite ke?

Some friends didn’t help matters either.

Friends: Rey, are you in  any relationship?

Me: No.

Friends: Are you ok?

Me: Yes na

Friends: What’s the problem?

Me: No wahals, I am doing just fine.

Friends: Hmmmm… Guy man up jor

Me: Is it by force to be in a relationship? Person wey him eye no clear dey waka for road?

Friends: Why do they say, love is blind?

Me: My love no blind again ooooo… My eye don open well well (Insert Pa James voice in Papa Ajasco)

Friends: Just keep an open mind. Before you know it, you will invite us for the wedding parry.

Me: (In my heart) Is my mind closed? Hmmm… If my mind was closed, will I have waited for Sister J for that long?

Well, there were those friends who were genuinely concerned.

I pray you find those friends who really understand you and what you’re going through and stick their neck for you without prejudice.

Let’s get down with SISTER SUNSHINE’S gist before this cold Fanta gets hot.

Sister Sunshine was a childhood friend; we’ve known for over two decades. She was a variance from others. She was in a class of her own.

I thought to myself, life is too short to live each day twice. Let me shake off and reach out for love. Afterwards, I placed a call and the communication began. Guys, it was fun!

Each call, filled my heart with warmth. SMS exchange was heavenly. 2go platform recognized our online presence because our chats refreshed their server. I felt so alive again.

I left no stone unturned neither gave room for assumptions, because assumptions are the smallest form of knowledge and can be costly.

I started from the scratch like I’ve not known her all my life. Taking one step at a time. Gradually we built a force that could not be reckoned with. We bonded so well. She became my bad habit. Our support system was so strong.

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On a bright afternoon, I took out a pen and wrote her a poem titled “The Gospel About You”

On eagle’s wings I saw you

Beautiful like an angel

Your eyes sparked like the lightning of heaven

Your voice melodious to raise the dead

Your hair beautiful as the most treasured royal apparel


You’re royalty personified

Your heart shines bright like diamond

Your strength as that of a prevailing prince

I watched closely as if it were a dream

But found out it was a reality


You’re a captivating eagle

Attractive as the deep blue sea

I am amazed, because you are in my world

I find joy because my world has become our world

You bring me unending peace


This is my gospel about you.

Love you SUNSHINE.

I felt so secured loving SUNSHINE. Neither of us tried to impress each other. We accepted ourselves with no prejudice.

Considering how soothing loving SUNSHINE was and the attending peace that heralded the atmosphere, I made up my mind to nail it this time but reserved the manifesto declaration for her birthday which was just days away.  (To be continued in series 5)


Let your voice be heard in the comment section by sharing your thoughts, as well as answer this series questions.

Should family/friends put pressure on you, when you don’t feel ready to handle a relationship?

What did I do in this series that you like/hate?

Do you see SUNSHINE and I making a good couple?

Will SUNSHINE agree to my manifesto?


This series is to help guys who are genuinely interested in seeking a meaningful relationship with a lady with the view of getting married to her. Not some “small immature mind man” who sees a lady as a piece of toy that should be played with.

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