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Finding a Bae Series 5

Dear friend, series 5 is the last of the FINDING A BAE series. I will post a review based on all the questions raised in each series afterwards, bringing it all to a halt.

For the ladies, know that it is never an easy walk for most guys to come deliver a manifesto. When a brother comes to you in all sincerity, do well to grant him audience and respond dutifully. I pray you find true love in its right package and spec.

The presentation in this series are my personal experiences with 2% fiction. The experience documented in this series happened years ago. Knowledge has since increased with all needed adjustments made.

I hope this will serve as guide to brothers out there on areas to be chary of while the search for a Bae continues till she is found.

Back to the concluding series…

The birthday held with few friends attending. We all had a great time. After the party, we took a walk and there I made bold to declare my manifesto. I had joy and peace doing so. Love is beautiful.

SUNSHINE frozed and looked into my eyes with no immediate answer to my request.

We left it for some weeks after which she made it clear that she considered me a friend and brother but have never given it a thought that we might have a relationship neither get married.

This marked the end of my expectations of getting married to SUNSHINE.

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I never for once felt disappointed by SUNSHINE’s response but hoped that my expectations came true.

I have since learnt further lessons on my journey to find a bae.

Life has its twist and turns but all leading to a perfect end. As the Bible puts it; better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit (Ecclesiastes 7:8 – KJV).

The End!!!


Let your voice be heard in the comment section by sharing your thoughts, as well as answer this series questions.

What are the striking lessons you learnt while the series lasted?

Are there more Ladies out there sharing SUNSHINE’s school of thought?

How close is too close?

Do broken hearts ever mend?


This series is to help guys who are genuinely interested in seeking a meaningful relationship with a lady with the view of getting married to her. Not some “small immature mind man” who sees a lady as a piece of toy that should be played with.

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