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Freedom Begins With Truth

I once read a story of a father who never ceased to encourage his children to take giant strides in their academic pursuit. This wasn’t a problem. He kept boasting, emphasizing to his children how good his grades were while in high school, and how he finished high school in flying colours.

A day came the children sought to put the house in order and started from daddy’s room. While rearranging, dad’s O’Level result was found. What! Come and see, the elder one reached out to the younger ones. They quickly scanned through only to discover dad failed.

One of the children said, Daddy lied. The other said, Daddy is a liar!

Mind you, it was not wrong for their father to encourage them to read and come out tops. But he was not just the perfect example by laying claims on brilliance when he actually failed.

As a parent kindly note:

  1. Don’t lie to teach your children or anyone how serious they should be in a pursuit. Be original.
  2. Your experience with a thing may not have been beautiful. Never feel shy to use the lesson(s) you’ve learnt to encourage your children.
  3. The smallest lies can cost you money, impact your relationships, and affect your choices.
  4. You may ignore white lies because they seem harmless. They rarely resurface in conversation, but their future effects are subtle they do exist in profound ways.
  5. The bigger the lie, the worse it is for your health. Because, lying has been linked to increased production of stress hormones, faster heartbeat, increased perspiration, and increased blood pressure.
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So, there’s no point lying to keep up with life and its demands. Living a life of freedom is important but begins with a foundation of TRUTH! What does TRUTH mean to you?

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