Gone With The Wind

Joy unspeakable heralded my birth
Beauty beyond the eyes has ever known, I left men in awe
Wrapped in fine linen I was christened
Chants of glory filled the air
I could not speak nor understand but felt gratitude fill the air

Father prayed, mother cried, God sent me
A loving home filled with bliss I thought
Soon reality dawns on me
Could this be what brought me here?
For once I can’t tell

Wailing after wailings
Gnashing after gnashing
Assault after assaults
The womb that conceived me went for a walk
I soon gained access to hell’s door from the womb that abhorred me

Son, I will make you proud
I will be a father like no other
Father’s promise turned sour
Whispered hope, Gone with the Wind
For FATHER has sailed with the lips of the immoral

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Uddin Irenonsen

Irenonsen Uddin is a blogger and writer. His write-ups are inspiring and true to life with intents to help his audience excel, live a balanced and successful life in their personal and social interactions.

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