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Good Vibes Only: Memories of Nsukka Summer Camp

Summer may have come and gone but its memories will remain indelible in the hearts and minds of children who participated in Nsukka Summer Camp. The camp focused on equipping children through capacity building. Considering the importance of children as the foundation of today’s society and its future glory, the camp for that reason, was a safety net to guide them into becoming leaders of today and invariably tomorrow.

The camp lasted for ten days. It was learner centred in approach as children (Age bracket 10-17 years) were the objects of attention. They were taught on various aspects viz.: web programming, etiquette, active citizenship, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, self-discovery, leadership, ankara craft and baking. There were lots of board games to stimulate the mind of attendees as well as various entertainment packages.

You would recall in one of my previous post titled parenting tips for the holiday, I emphatically stressed that skills acquisition was one way parents could make the holiday worthwhile for their children. The children who were availed the opportunity to acquire skills in the camp no doubt had fun, learnt new things and were given a chance to use their ingenuity, identify problems in their communities and come up with practical everyday solutions to those problems.

Take a look at some of the feedbacks obtained from some attendee.

“In the course of the summer camp, I learnt about teamwork which is lacking in several places like our schools, churches even in our country Nigeria. Absence of team work does not make things works out. I learnt to be a servant leader too.  With all the skills and knowledge acquired, I am sure that I can help myself, family and be a better citizen of my country.” – Eze, Chiamaka (13 years old)

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“Learnt that without knowledge of purpose, life becomes an endless stream of activities with no significance. Also, knowing my purpose will help me gain motivation and stay committed.” – Didiugwu, Chekwube (13 years old)

“I learnt about active citizenship, leadership and how to play the piano. I really liked the lessons.” Onuomeke, Daniel (9 years old)

The summer camp was powered by Wit21 an organization which specializes in building skills and capacity of children and young persons through a leaner centred approach. Its founder is Alice Bisi Apejoye. Partners for the camp were; FCMB, Dnelix, Bishop Image, Nibacard and Gold leaf.

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