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Lessons From The World Cup

The world cup has come and gone but left us with several lessons to learn. For the records, this has been one of the most successful world cup in the history of football. Russia had a firm grip on almost everything. As opposed to popular opinion, the big names left early. The seemly small teams advanced and did better.

Also, I attest to the fact that the presidents of France and Croatia were exceptional. Their love for the game, players and presence to watch the finals speak volume. Truth be told, rarely would any seating African president be so free and excited to watch, react and support her players with such grace.

What specific lessons are there to learn?

Never get deterred nor tempted to give up when you’re pursuing a task with seemly big shots. In the world cup there was a lot of hype about certain teams and certain players. Despite all the hype, great players went home with dismal performances as the greats were slayed by minions.

Pride goes before a fall. This could best be described by the actions of Kalinic the Croatian player. So sometimes it is better to stay quiet and let your actions do all the talking. It is important to note that often good things come in small and unexpected packages – like South Korea and Japan.

Strive to make a difference. Modric, Mbappe, Hazard, Kane etc. sought to make the difference in their teams which earned them accolades. The two players (Messi and Ronaldo) who have dominated football for over a decade now left early revealing who will pick up the torch. Harry Kane’s goals and leadership make him a candidate, but for sheer footballing thrills, the torch may be headed for 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe who became the first teenager to score twice in a world cup finals game. This France’s player with his exceptional pace and skill could just be the next great superstar.

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Courage, focus and strength is all you need to do a comeback from your lowest point. Croatia had to come from behind twice to win matches both at extra time seeing them to the final. The Belgium goal keeper’s idea of quickly rolling the ball to Kevin de Bruyne instead of the usual catch and fall with just 30 seconds left on the clock did a magic. Thibaut Courtois’s idea in the end, led to Nacer Chadli scoring the goal that beat Japan 3-2. It pays to be positive and try new ideas.

Dress the way you want to be addressed. The cameras focused more on those whose dress sense was colourful and presentable. Some of whom got more views than some players on the pitch.

No man can be an island at the world cup. Teams that had their tactics built around a player did woefully. Argentina fall in this class. It took a team like France to reveal this weakness. A great player can carry a team some of the time, but against the best in the world, reality is going to hit you sooner rather than later.

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