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One Year Anniversary Of Blogging

Hey friends!

There are moments we’re faced with doubts and fears in our quest to do something we are passionate about. Starting a blog was one for me. Having gained victory over my fears, I kick started my blog 1st February, 2018. Like a dream, what seemed like a mountain too much to climb, is a year today. In this one year, I have learnt a lot trying to build content that will suit the theme of my blog.

The blog is a platform for many who visit to draw the inspiration they need to live a balanced and successful life. The blog hosts a number of categories all tailored to meet the spiritual, physical, mental and social needs of visitors. I assure you, it is a platform of bliss.

For existing and new subscribers and readers, do well to let me know how my blog has helped you. Also, I will be glad to know the post that inspired you most. The first 3 persons to comment will get a gift from me.

I use this medium to thank all who encouraged me while I nursed the idea. God richly reward you. Special thanks to my website designer Fratee Media for a wonderful design and support. More so, to my teaming subscribers and followers who keep up with all my posts and give a feedback, I say thank you. Sincere gratitude to my family, friends and close associates who keep cheering me from the stands. The next one year will sure be more thrilling and exciting.

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My deepest gratitude goes to the personality of my deepest affection. God Almighty the giver of knowledge, my keeper and source of inspiration. He has kept me strong and focused to keep writing. I love you God!

Have a blessed February.


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6 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary Of Blogging

    • Thanks Nasalian. You’ve been a guiding light in this journey. I appreciate your support and sacrifice.
      Sure! I will keep keeping on.

  1. Congratulations rey on your anniversary….. More years of celebrations, increase in wisdom. Your posts has added a lot of value to me and I look forward to more. God bless you rey.

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