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Parenting by Example

I had this home I visited at a time as a home lesson teacher. On a said day, I made it lecture free so we could see movies. I allowed the children select a channel of choice. We finally settled for a movie after reaching a consensus.

As the movie progressed, a man in the movie acted irresponsibly towards his wife. Immediately, one of the child stood up and said “Uncle Rey, this man just acted foolishly like my daddy”. I was shocked. I cautioned him to stop immediately.

I paused the movie and engaged the children in a discuss. In the end, the children appreciated the counsels I offered but that scene left me in awe.

Children share the values of their parents about the most imperative things throughout everyday life. Parents’ priorities and principles and cases of good conduct can teach their children to take the more ethical route when different streets look enticing.

Children watch their parents closely and gradually become a reflection of them. Children hold dear parents who would match words with action. They watch with keen interest how dad treat or relate with mum (vice versa) and every member of the household. How parents conduct their everyday activities can show their children that they always try to do their best to serve families, communities and country.

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As parents, your view about money and material goods additionally can mould your children’s character. If you see your self-worth and the worth of others in terms of cars, homes, furniture, nice clothes and other possessions, your children are likely to develop these attitudes as well. Of course, it is important to meet your children’s needs, but it is also important to help them understand the difference between their needs and their wants.

In conclusion, parents need to be consistent in upholding the values they want their children to respect and not present them with conflicting values. For example, you caution your children not to tell lies yet they see you make false claims while responding to a client on the phone. If you want your child to grow up a good citizen, you must be one also. Live by example.

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