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Parenting Tips For The Holidays

Children spend impressively large part of each year within the school environments. One might now ask, is it still advisable to engage them in academic activities during holidays? The answer is yes! However, a balance must be sought.

Academic efforts during holidays, should be aimed at enhancing all the child has learnt while the term lasted with special focus on areas the child struggled. For parents who have an efficient home lesson system combined with the normal school routine, it may be wise to give the children some break from academic work during the holiday. Really? Yes!

There are lot of things to get children involved in to channel their energy from needless play, noise or disturbance in the house to more productive endeavours.

Parenting Tip #1. Family bonding
Take into account the need to bond and build well established relationships with your children during holidays. The sad reality is; some parents barely know who their children are, what they are capable of and their interests. For this, it will be important for you to plan your quarterly or annual leave for these holiday seasons so you could spend quality time engaging with your wards.

Beyond nuclear family bonding, holiday seasons are moment to closely knit with members of the extended family. Paying visits or organizing a family reunion could be so rewarding.

The Holidays can be a wonderful time to build memories, being deliberate in how you connect with your children can make it a truly magical time.

Your shared time together is what will matter in the long run.

Parenting Tip #2. Skill acquisition
A good number of parents until recently have always neglected grooming their children to master one skill or the other. The beautiful thing about helping children acquire skills is that, it helps to groom them to be creative. Skill acquisition stimulate the brain differently from normal academic routine which focuses mainly on reading and writing.

Learn not to impose the skill to be learnt on your child but guide the child to make a choice on the skill to acquire based on interest. Thereafter, seek ways to ensure your child learn such skills in a suitable way. Proper skills acquisition could help your child mature early enough to become independent in sound judgement and decision making, earn enough to attend to some needs etc. in due time.

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Parenting Tip #3. Giving and hospitality
Holiday seasons are moments to show and share love. You could take advantage of this break to teach your children to get involved in giving to the needy and the community by visiting prisons, hospitals, orphanages, motherless babies home etc. Raising considerate children in a me-first world is quite important.

Parenting Tip #4. Traveling and tours
Traveling is part of education. Seek good holiday travel destinations for your children. However, adequate enquiries and preparations should be made to ensure it fits the family budget. These holiday locations could be local or foreign.

Help your children gain social balance while on vacation. Building connections and social interaction with other families on vacation could make the vacation more interesting.

Parenting Tip #5. Time to seek God
Children of necessity must be trained to build sound intimacy with God (Prov. 22:6). Groom your children to know God for themselves and have a conviction that transcend trivialities. Holiday periods could serve this purpose. Prepare them to attend their local church camp meetings, bible school or other relevant church programs.

Let your aim be to raise godly children whose desire and passion is to live a life pleasing to God in all ramifications (Psalm 144:11-15).

Conclusively, maximize holiday seasons to equip your children spiritually, physically, mentally and socially (Luke 2:52). This all-inclusive approach in helping children spend their holiday for me, is most rewarding. However, concerted efforts aimed at rearing children should not be holiday-based only but all-year round.

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