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Parents: Children’s Watchdog

Sometime this year, I wrote a post titled Why Bring Forth and Neglect. In that post, I bared my thoughts on the need for parents/guardians to be more proactive in caring for their children as well as bridge the widening gap between them and their wards. I emphasized the need to safeguard and protect the interest of their children at all cost.

Within the space I went shopping. While I made rounds to get all I went to purchase I overheard a discussion between two women that broke my heart. What was it about?

A parent in the bid to make it to work early took the children to school quite early. On their way, the car developed fault. The location the car packed up was quite a distance from the children’s school.

A mechanic was called via phone to attend to the vehicle. While the parent awaited the arrival of the mechanic, a bike man was flagged down to help convey the children (a boy – 6 years and a girl – 8 years) to school at about 6:30am. Pleasantries were exchanged and the kids bade farewell.

Work had barely started when a call came in from the children’s school requesting the parent to report immediately. On arrival, the parent was informed that the daughter has been raped. When the child was asked who did it, alas! It was the bike man.

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There is increase in crime wave in the country. Criminals carry out their dastardly acts in more refined ways. Considering the fact that adults can barely insulate themselves from these antics, it means children are more vulnerable to these ills hence parents must take proper steps and measures to shield them from these monsters in the society.

No doubt, rearing children is no walk in the park. Nonetheless, relentless effort must be made to protect children from all forms of hurt and abuse with no loose ends. A preserved childhood is better than a repaired adulthood.

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