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Rest In The Midst Of The Storm

The past couple of months have been so tasking and hectic. Having spent time in the previous year on some academic research, I took some time off. After a while, I set out to pick up from where I paused in a bid to round up a phase in my academic pursuit. Friends, I experienced too many setbacks. I may not write about these setbacks at this time but will quickly let you into how I found rest in the midst of the storm.

Having conceived a topic, I sought counsels from some friends and senior colleagues in my profession. Afterwards, I set off to put thoughts together in writing various chapters and sub-sections. Along the line, pressures to round up quickly became intense. For this, I became impatient and could barely articulate. This saw me depending more on some of my academic mentors on what to do.

Rey! What’s the problem? They were not satisfied with all I wrote and submitted for vetting. Folks, for succumbing to pressures and impatience I lost my research rhythm and became a shadow of myself. I almost lost it but for the help of the Holy Spirit I found strength to weather the storm (John 14:16-18).

In the loving grip of the Holy Spirit, I learnt not to embark on a mission built to fail from the onset for worries and anxieties. Friend, this helped me a lot. I found rest and the streams of wisdom within me soon began to flow with fresh ideas after a while.

I might not complete the ongoing research within the time frame I had thought. One thing is sure that, I am going to complete it in a time where all things will be beautiful (Eccl. 3:11).

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What challenge are you faced with? Know for certain that impatience, worry nor anxiety can’t help you overcome it. Rather, take a deep breath, slow down and trust the Holy Spirit to guide you to overcome (John 14:26-27). You are not in competition with anyone. Even though life were a race, no two persons can chest-touch the tape at the finish line at the same time.

Know your time and season. Keep at what you are doing. Irrespective of your present situation, keep your eyes on your dream. Forget how fast or slow anybody else is moving. Your focus should be ruthless and deliberately on your goals. Seek to be divinely guided by the Holy Spirit. Even if you are to meet any man for help, let it be that you are led by the Holy Spirit. He is our present help in times of need (Psalm 46:1).

Hope this blessed you.

Let me know.

Have a splendid day ahead.

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