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Salary vs Potentials

In one of my previous posts titled “CREDENTIALS VS POTENTIALS” I encouraged graduates, students, on the need to develop and invest on their potentials (skills). This post is directed at salary earners.

I visited one of the banks I bank with sometime in 2016. I proceeded to the customer service desk. I was greeted warmly. The young lady who attended to me was quite professional. Haven attended to all I needed to fix, I stood to take my leave.

Just a moment she said in a low tone. I granted her audience. “Sir, I produce soaps, detergents and other basic items needed to make your home clean and befitting”. Here’s my contact. I was wowed!

I got a bit curious and asked; you work here, banking job is quite tasking how do you combine both? She said “I distribute my products majorly on Saturdays and attend to pressing orders after work each day” I was amazed. I saw her differently and welcomed the idea.

“Salary is the bribe they pay you to forget your dreams”

You may want to criticize her for using her office in that manner especially being a banker who works in a reputable bank, not me. I think she’s a good strategist. I can best describe her in the light of who the bible calls “A VIRTUOUS WOMAN” – Prov. 31:10-31.

“Cease every meaningful opportunity to speak to people about the trade you ply”

Irrespective of how delectable your salary maybe or maybe not so alluring, have an investment mentality, go the extra mile and invest in your potentials. Gone are the days where you spend all your life working and making some “OGA AT THE TOP” wealthy without thoughts of been an “OGA” of your own. *Laughs*

“If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs”

An African adage has it that: “No matter the comfort you enjoy from the canopy of a tree, never make it a house.” No matter the establishment you are engaged with (government or private) see beyond your “nose”.

Maybe you haven’t actually discovered a skill you are good in and asking what your potentials are, kindly see the previous post it will help you a lot.

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As a worker, please note that you have a better opportunity and platform to invest and build your potentials. We can call this your retirement plan. My assertion, is based on the fact that a lot of seemly “jobless” graduates and students always cry foul for lack of capital to invest in their potentials. But for you, that shouldn’t be an excuse.

Take advantage of that cooperative, welfare scheme at your disposal. More so, as a worker you have better chances of securing collaterals. These opportunities should not be taken for granted. Don’t be comfortable been called “MADAM, OGA, BIG BOY OR GIRL” in your place of work, family and neighbourhood while you lose sight of tomorrow. Access these services and invest wisely.

Must you be sacked before you resign? The answer is NO! Reason being that, the progress made from investing in your potentials could make you honourably resign your current position to focus more on exploring more opportunities to expand the investment. Strive to come to this point.

Must you be sacked before the reality of not having a back-up plan dawn on you? Another No!

Your current salary no matter how little, can lay a foundation for you to break free from financial dearth and have for yourself a comfortable life. Which means, you can be a salary earner yet come to limelight by engaging your potentials. While the experience obtained within the four-walls of your current job placement helps you to package, deliver on your potentials in class and style.

Stay bright and cheerful.

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