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Self Confidence: Ways to Increase It

There is often a strong correlation between self confidence and occupational success. The problem is that when you are not confident in yourself, people begin to question your credibility and qualifications. It can affect your professional trajectory in the form of denied promotions or raises.

I’ve battled with lack of self-confidence at different phases of my life, especially in the workplace. Sometimes, it is triggered when I am assigned a new role or task.

One reality I’ve come to terms with is, building self-confidence requires work, time, and dedication.

On my part, I’ve imbibed certain habits/attitudes to help me build/improve self-confidence in my life and career journey. I’ll share some with you today.

#1 Know your areas of strength and honestly acknowledge your weaknesses

As a young professional, I never knew the benefit of focusing on my strengths. When I found out, it was a game changer for me. Focusing on your strengths can boost your confidence. In the discharge of your everyday duties, find ways to integrate those strengths. The resulting effect can help you become confident, energized and self-assured.

The other side of the coin is also important. Which is, acknowledging your weaknesses. Taking stock of your resources, as well as their limits, helps in consolidating or rebuilding self-confidence. Also, understanding your positive side alongside the negative will give you a more balanced view.

#2 Learn from your mistakes

In my career and life’s journey, I’ve made some mistakes. I felt like beating myself to the teeth in some instances. In recent times, I have done all I can, not to dwell in self-pity. I take steps to learn from my mistakes. Then, instead of repeating them again, I gain valuable wisdom that will help me in the future.

I have come to terms with one hard truth. Learning from my mistakes does not happen automatically—it requires thinking and reflection.

Mistakes are part of the trial and error, experimental nature of life. The more you adopt the experimental, evolutional frame, the easier it becomes to handle mistakes. Much more, I absolutely trust the Holy Spirit to lead me always. The Holy Spirit can never be wrong.

#3 Stay focused and be original

If there’s one thing I do more often, it’s staying focused. One question I ask myself anytime I find myself drifting is, Rey, why are you here? Why are you doing this? Answering these questions helps me set my priorities right.

Ultimately, I have come to the knowledge that productivity doesn’t happen by accident. Accomplishing all the things you need and want to do requires forethought and planning, along with a continuous supply of motivation and focus.

Added to being focused, I do all I can to be original. Your originality as a person is called to question when you get distracted. While you can’t do away with everything, you can make an effort to reduce or get rid of as many distractions as possible.

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The quickest way to reduce your self-worth, is trying to be who you are not. Be you, do you and stay you! Nonetheless, give room for positive change when the need arises.

#4 Focus on your successes

You will find it difficult to build/improve self-confidence, if you focus on the things you don’t do well. In my case, I feel so tired, weak and lack motivation when I meditate on what I cannot do. The turning point for me however, is when I channel some energy to think about the progress and achievement I made in the past. Recalling successful times at work is a better way to boost confidence instead of constantly focusing on the negatives.

#5 Boost your skill set

Acquiring new skills or continuing your education can have a lasting impact on your overall confidence. For instance, I handle tasks I have the required skills more confidently. Knowing this, I invest a lot in my personal development. Learning new skills can help you become better at your job, problem solving, and this can help increase your productivity, ability to stay organized and enable you to take on new tasks more confidently.

#6 Network with the right professionals

Building a network is one of the most important things you can do to advance your life and career. In today’s competitive marketplace, relationships and networks are critical assets.

Your network serves not only as a lead source for new business, but as a sounding board, a support system and a news source. And it requires maintenance and balance (reciprocity) to make it work.

If strategically managed and nurtured, your network can become a valuable part of your personal brand arsenal, allowing you to enhance and advance your reputation.

As I bring this piece to a close this morning, I will again stress that self-confidence, especially at work, is a subject that concerns us all at some point in our lives. You can also experience it in your everyday life. It is always possible to work at building/improving self-confidence. Building self-confidence requires work, time, and dedication.

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  1. Interesting. Safe to safe that self confidence not only increases your confidence but also increases the confidence of others in you.

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