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Send That Tribute Now!

I lost a very close friend years ago. On her funeral I was given the opportunity to pay tribute to her. I wrote a piece and read to the admiration of all though our hearts were heavy. When I was through, a question puzzled in my mind. Did she hear all you said? It gave me more reason to wail because I had spent time visiting a day before her demise. I wished I shared those beautiful words with her.

“Sweet words reserved only to be written in a printed funeral order of events or spoken to a corpse is meaningless.”

I have learnt after that experience never to hold back appreciating in all sincerity my family, friends or loved ones at the slightest opportunity.

Lately, I have observed with keen interest how tributes take a greater proportion of most printed funeral programs in Nigeria. Even those who cared less for the dead write all sorts in a bid to gain public attention. What a sad reality!

To that mother, father, brother, sister, fiancé, fiancée, husband, wife, children, boss, man, woman, boy or girl etc. who put smiles on your face endlessly, giving you a reason to look forward to tomorrow send a tribute today. Apart from paying tributes it is advisable for friends, family and loved ones to spend quality time together from time to time.

Rey, I don’t think it is necessary. If I send the tribute now, it will make him/her feel… feel what? Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall – Prov. 16:18. Let go of pride! Of what use will it be on his/her funeral or when you no longer have the opportunity to make it grand like you’re envisaging?

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Let go of all reservations and show some love. Life is beautiful because of those who show us endless love and make us stable. For this reason, I take time to wish my friends in and out of Facebook happy birthday and share in their moments. I write a line or two they deserve my tribute. Though sometimes I may not send it promptly, I do subsequently. It is better late than never. I appreciate every act of kindness in a big way.

“You never can thank those who make you enjoy every day and moments of life enough. But never take them for granted.”

Wherever you are right now, take inventory of those who deserve a tribute from you. Write a tribute and send to them. It could be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp; an Email, SMS, a call.



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Let’s kick start the tributes!!!

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