The Gospel About You

On eagle’s wings I saw you
Beautiful like an angel
Your eyes sparked like the lightning of heaven
Your voice melodious to raise the dead
Your hair beautiful as the most treasured royal apparel

You’re royalty personified
Your heart shines bright like diamond
Your strength as that of a prevailing prince
I watched closely as if it were a dream
But found out it was a reality

You’re a captivating eagle
Attractive as the deep blue sea
I am amazed, because you are in my world
I find joy because my world has become our world
You bring me unending peace

This is my gospel about you.

I love you SUNSHINE!

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Uddin Irenonsen

Irenonsen Uddin is a blogger and writer. His write-ups are inspiring and true to life with intents to help his audience excel, live a balanced and successful life in their personal and social interactions.

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