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What Kind of Traveller Are You?

If you’ve ever travelled by road in Nigeria, you will attest to the fact that each trip has its beauty and maybe some sour moments. These moments could be as a result of the road (good or bad), fellow passengers or drivers. Either ways travelling on Nigerian roads could be fun. Over time I’ve had my experience with different categories of travellers.

1. The Confident Traveller
Those in this class, seem to know where they are going and relaxed knowing that in no time, they will arrive. These folks may be first time travellers or use to the route. No matter what happens on the road they never express worry, anxiety or fear. Some can be good tour guide to naïve travellers.

2. The Fearful/Religious
Travellers in this category are those who have phobia for travelling on the road. From the point of ticket purchase you hear them requesting for specific seat numbers. If those seats are booked, they rather wait for the next boarding vehicle before they embark on their journey. This excludes those who request for specific seat numbers due to health or height reasons.

Folks in this category will always look dazed and uncomfortable. With every manoeuvre you feel their heart beat increase. They are always quick to caution the driver needlessly. Some could for fear of the unknown get overly religious.

3. Passengers with the bad intention
These guys are bent on ensuring that their fellow passengers have sour moments all through the trip. Some have excess luggage but refuse to have them placed appropriately. They keep it close to their seat inconveniencing fellow travellers.

Permit me to add that those who eat improperly combined food/snacks during the trip fall within this class. Take into consideration a passenger who consume four (4) eggs, a bottle of coke, “abacha” with cooked groundnut. Only to start farting intermittently barely thirty minutes after consumption with foul smell filling the vehicle.

4. Sleeping machine
These guys are wonderful. They caution the driver from the onset of the journey to stop them in a particular terminal. At the kick off of the journey, these guys switch on their sleeping machine and accelerate it as the driver navigates. Some for sleep could stop two terminals away from their ideal stop point for failing to tell the driver to stop them in due time. Some are in the habit of snoring while they sleep. Sitting close to some sleep-snore travellers could be discomforting.

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5. Talker
The talking passenger will keep you engaged even when you’re tired of granting audience. They kind of have this entitlement mentality of you must listen as far as I am talking if not, you won’t have peace. When you seem to ignore them, they touch you to get you engaged. Funnily, some barely talk sense.

6. The Senator
The senator turns the entire bus to his assembly to discuss political issues. Some are well articulated while others use the avenue to herald their political illiteracy, sentiments and bigotry. From the well-informed senators, you could get real updates of political issues affecting Nigeria and learn a lot.

7. Love Birds
Love is a beautiful thing. These set of persons could make singles jealous and some others long to find true love or best long to re-join their spouse. From the look in the eyes to the bonding and pet talks these guys make love worth having.

8. The Preacher
I respect those in this category who preach the sound gospel of Christ with a balance. Some others only excite or instil fear in the heart of travellers. Thus, making some passengers more demon conscious. For those who know what to preach and how to deliver it in love, there is the bliss the journey has with their presence.

Did I miss out any category? Please kindly add it in the comment section.

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