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What self reliance means: my reality

I love the good life. Acquiring degrees was one way I thought would lead me to self reliance. I couldn’t wait to finish my academic pursuits, get my dream job and become independent.

Guess some of us are quite familiar with the assertion above.

Mind you it is not out of place to dream big and expect the best always. Nonetheless, that dream job won’t come by wishful thinking or just positive declaration.

It is good to pray and have faith. Much more, there’s need for a job seeker to count the cost of his or her dream job and pay it. This has to go beyond getting an academic qualification (Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate).

Self reliance my reality…

While studying for my PhD, I had the privilege of speaking with a friend who bagged his earlier. He made a statement that set me on my pathway to self-reliance among other things. He said to me; “Rey, when you meet people after now, the euphoria of being a Dr will last for 5 minutes max. After that, people want to see what you can offer.”

After that conversation, it became clear that the degrees I’ve bagged could ‘only’ make people like me as a scholar. The reality however was that to succeed in life, I needed more than my degrees. Is get getting a degree(s) wrong? Certainly not! Please, check my article on credentials vs potentials or no course of study is irrelevant for more on this.

From that moment onward, I went the extra mile to awaken some skills I abandoned technically and acquired new ones to help me kick start life in earnest after academics. At this juncture, I’d like to emphatically state that the practical skills you acquire or fail to acquire will to a large extent determine if will succeed or fail.

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While I keep my hope alive to land that dream job soonest, what has kept me busy since rounding up my academic pursuit has been the skill set I acquired. For this I am grateful to my Dr Friend.

What does it mean to be self-reliant?

It is a quality of depending on yourself for things instead of relying on others. Self-reliance is the foundation for independence. However, developing self-reliance is not an easy task. You are born into dependency, reliant on your parents, siblings, guardian etc. for survival. Love and affection come to you for following the rules. You get punished for being disobedient. You become trained to be dependent. There comes a stage in life where you have to leave the shadows and embrace the sun with your all.

One truth about embracing the sun is, you will get burnt countless times. With resilience the sun becomes your friend and you gradually adjust. Friend, life has its realities. The earlier we embrace them, the better.

Why is it important to be self-reliant?

Answers to this question and many more will be the subject of my next post.

Do have a great day.

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2 thoughts on “What self reliance means: my reality

  1. Hello Dr. Ray. I’ll prefer that to Rey as you’ll often put it.

    You are so correct on the extra to academics. I mean, what’s good about a degree if one cannot solve physical problems or build on existing solutions? It hit me when you mentioned the five minutes euphoria. I just pray that a lot of academics will come to terms with this reality and align quickly with the “extra” to the academic tutelage they provide.

    Well done my Dr.

    • Lol… Rey it is *winks*

      Good to know the post got you reflecting. Going the extra mile is of great importance.

      You welcome.

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